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The Nursery room

This is where our children develop a thirst for learning as they independently investigate and carry out self selected activities, with experienced adults on hand to support their education. Low level units, with an emphasis on real and natural resources, enable children to lead their own play agendas and learning journeys. Children make sense of their experiences through play, story telling, songs, and other creative means. Quiet spaces provide explorers with areas where they can be calm, and relax. Children enjoy a combination of child initiated and adult led activities. They are encouraged to make independent choices and develop their critical thinking. The room has defined areas of learning. Activities are changed throughout the day depending on children’s interests, requests and learning adventures. Children are regularly involved in musical activities as well as arts and crafts and opportunities and investigate, discover and experiment with new ideas. There is access to a PC computer and a range of ICT equipment. Children of preschool age engage in ‘communication and language’ and ‘social interaction’ groups where fun activities help them to prepare for school.

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