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Ofsted Report

Please click on the link below for a copy of the report from our latest Ofsted Inspection carried out in May 2019:


2 May 19:

'Our toddler has been attending Wellington's for the last 2 years, initially full time and now part time. We moved out of the area 1.5 years ago but couldn't find a nursery in our new area anywhere near as good and we made the decision to keep him at Wellington's despite the 40 minute round trip.  What makes Wellington's stand out against the many other nurseries I have visited is the staff, there is always a happy and calm atmosphere in the nursery and there never stressful or chaotic feel at  drop-off and pick-up.  His key worker is a long standing member of the team which is a reflection on the quality of the nursery. We feel the quality of teaching is of a very high standard as our son has progressed since joining and he often uses language we haven't taught him at home.  We receive regular updates and photos detailing what the children have been doing and the level of communication is excellent. We will be very sad to leave Wellington's when William starts school nursery!'

2 May 2019:

'B used to be reluctant to let me go at the morning drop off but since we agreed (initiated by nursery) not to fuss too much and just allow him to settle into his day in his own time, he’s been much happier and yesterday he pretty much left me at the door! Great progress and I’m so happy that he goes off to nursery, knowing he’s going to enjoy it rather than being anxious that Mummy is leaving him. It's great.

2 May 2019:

'We are really happy to have you all being part of our lives and I can say that Wellington’s is not only a nursery but also pet of our family.'

2 May 2019:

'My experience with Wellington’s has been incredibly positive. I wanted to give a  brief description of my daughter’s time there if it could help your evaluation of the nursery. 

 Lyndall sets the tone for how the whole nursery is run and the care and attention that is given to the children. Every morning, the door is opened with a smile and every child is greeted with a hug (if they want) and a warm greeting to make them comfortable.  Breakfast and toys are laid out for the children so that they are engaged in the day right away, making it easier for a parent to walk away without their child crying. 


 My daughter transitioned from a nanny environment to the nursery seamlessly (at the age of 1.5 yrs), in large part because of the efforts of the staff and Lyndall to ensure that she felt comfortable in her new environment.  She runs into the nursery happily on a daily basis, excited to take part in the activities laid out before her. 


Whenever we’ve experienced the odd behavioural problem at home, I have been able to talk about it with nursery staff and get their advice on ensuring that whatever I did at home was transferring to the nursery and back-and-forth. As experienced child care professionals, their opinion has been invaluable in helping me develop tools that work for us. 


I visited seven nurseries before making my decision to put my child at Wellington's - their obvious love for the children, warm and supportive emphasis on child development, placed them head and shoulders above the rest. Additionally, the physical space is warm and inviting, the garden is a lovely part of Adelaide’s day and their continued personal touch in tailoring care to each child is obvious in all that they do.  I have experienced many other childcare settings, both in the United States and England, as Adelaide is my third child. I can, without hesitation, say that Wellington’s ranks as one of the top childcare facilities I have encountered. 


 Please do not hesitate to follow up with any questions about any aspects of this review or anything else you’d like to engage on further.

1 May 2019:

'Wellington’s truly is an amazing and wonderful nursery in every aspect and I do not say this lightly. My son has only been at Wellington’s for just over three months and already we have noticed a huge development - in his behaviour, his communication and his language and so much more.  Other things to note is that my son’s eating has vastly improved! Since being at Wellington’s, he has eaten things there that he hadn’t previously at home and I definitely think that the meals that are prepared there are excellent, nutritional and they have really helped to extend his palate and be open to trying new things too. The record sheets ‘About My Day’ are fantastic, it lets us parents know what they’ve done that day, what they’ve eaten and how much, what nappy changes they’ve had, how long they napped for and I find this so helpful, useful, interesting and a brilliant way to track the day. And finally, what I really love about Wellington’s is the staff, it is clear and evident that they really do care about the children and really do focus on each individual child’s needs. When Thomas was settling in, I felt totally supported at all times, I cannot speak more highly about the staff! You can see that the children are nurtured and my son loves going there and out of the seven nurseries that I looked at, for me, Wellington’s really stood out my miles!

1 May 19:

'We have especially appreciated how you have helped J prepare to be a big brother and show great concern for his emotional development. We love the range of activities he does - the bus trip to Clapham Common is one of the best things he’s ever done! We love the family feel that is generated by letting children of different ages play together. We’ve been impressed by the new IT system to give more info about nursery life and build community as well as the informative summary of the day we are given daily.'

6 September 2017:

'You have been the perfect choice for our babies first nursery. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming - it's like a little family. Hugh couldn't be happier and is thriving under your care. We're so thankful we chose you!'

Susannah, Richard & Hugh

4 September 2017:

'We searched high and low to find a nursery in the Clapham/Balham area and visited over 8 before deciding on Wellington's. I wasn't sure how our 18 month old toddler would cope when I returned to work but we couldn't be happier, he has settled in quickly and is always excited to be joining in on all the activities.   What attracted us to Wellington's was the homely feel it has, the big open plan space inside and the large playground. The staff are very caring and friendly and the communication has been fantastic. The menu is varied and delicious and you have the option of trying the food if you wish. We receive a weekly email with the learning plan so you can link up the letter of the week etc with reading at home. Our toddler knew a couple of words when he first started but in 4 months has made leaps and bounds, is talking more and humming away to nursery rhymes at home. Thank you Wellington's!'

30 August 2017:

'Our son is very happy at Wellington's Nursery, and has been going for almost a year now. Like most children, settling him into his new environment had its challenges, but every member of the team at Wellington's helped to make it as stress free as possible. There is a warmth to Wellington's nursery that I did not experience when viewing other possible options in the area. It is managed by people who genuinely care about the children, and I am confident that the balance between staff and children is just right. The garden is amazing and sets it apart from other nurseries, and the big, colourful, indoor areas enable children to really explore in a spacious environment.

I would recommend this nursery (and have done many times) to anyone who is looking for a friendly, fun, educational and professionally run nursery. Our son has developed much more quickly since being there and we put this down to the attention and well thought out activities that he experiences when he's there.'

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